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Gladiators Live By a Code

Gladiators: We win for clients and thus ourselves, by protecting and advancing brands while driving revenues.

We do this because we want to Work Hard – Play Hard

We accomplish this via certain core values:

  • Set a New Standard – expect more of yourself and others
  • Daily Discipline – be punctual, reliable and proactive
  • Maintain Your State – be positive and a force for good
  • Carry Your Weight – solve your own problems
  • Practice Integrity – do the right thing & what you say you will do whether it’s easy, popular or profitable
  • Make Your Move – take calculated risks
  • Take Massive Immediate Action – learn to sprint
  • Tenacity – don’t quit – pace yourself for the marathon
  • Own It – admit responsibility > get better 

Item No.

01. Discover

  • We get to know your vision, challenges, goals, culture, audience, and expectations
  • We ask lots of questions and gather input from all key stakeholders in your organization
  • We identify a key list of deliverables and outcomes and determine the scope and pace of the partnership

Item No.

02. Develop

  • We assemble the Landtroop team members best suited to your needs and begin creating
  • We incorporate all the input and discovery elements gathered into the creative process
  • We collaborate and finalize all design assets with your approval

Item No.

03. Deploy

  • We determine the most effective placement for each asset and execute on the predetermined strategy
  • We provide access to files and art elements to be used across platforms as needed
  • We monitor activity and gather feedback on the impact of the plan, edit as needed and redeploy until result is achieved
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