Landtroop Strategies is a tested and proven bad ass traditional and digital marketing, advertising and public relations firm specializing in ROI results-driven wins converting impressions into leads. Otherwise, what’s the point?

Known for crafting and placing award-winning branding, tv, radio, print and traditional media ads, the more stealth but deadly capabilities of our firm include being the first agency to bring most new media platforms, streaming media and digital to the market and truly one of the few agencies to bring the right talent in-house to transition our own companies and our clients to all things digital disruption including data and content curation, website design, e-commerce, SEM, SEO, geofencing, targeting, retargeting, Facebook/Instagram marketing, social media, AdWords, and funnel-driven campaigns.

For grins we also love event planning with the likes of Stephen Curtis Chapman, Marcus Luttrell, Ben Carson, Terry Bradshaw, Rick Perry and the Benghazi Survivors.

Other notable work can be seen in the “Tell Me I Can’t Do It” campaign created for a local bank that won ‘Best Bank Campaign of Texas’; our nationally recognized Lemonade Day campaigns; the multi-cultural campaign created for United Supermarkets’ Dallas market, emotionally charged videos for Texas Tech’s College of Education and the YWCA; the dramatic and engaging countdown and launch of Audi Lubbock; our media buy and ad creation for not just one, but two presidential campaigns; and of course our countless regional and statewide campaigns for Vista Bank, the Parade of Homes, Woodhouse Day Spa, TXP Capital, West Texas Food Bank, Caprock Home Health, STAR ER, Lubbock Christian University, the region’s most respected builders, developers and more.

And just to be sure our fearless leader keeps her ‘Director of World Change’ Title, we also represented the Republic of the South Sudan in their quest for a peaceful transfer of power, a candidate running for MP in Meru, Kenya and an orphanage mission rescuing hundreds of children in Luoyang, China.

We are a fun group. Though we take winning for ourselves and our clients very seriously, we certainly don’t afford each other the same courtesy. We are damn good at what we do, but we are not perfect. When we fail, we fess up and then make it right. We get better, not bitter. We have a sense of humor and can laugh at ourselves. Because of the spiritual dynamic Landtroop Strategies was founded upon, we are people of integrity. Quite simply, we do what we say we will do. Our name and reputation are not only valuable to our company brand, but also to each of us individually. If we err, it will most likely be on the side of providing more services and benefits to our clients than what they paid for or expected.

We are rarely the most expensive firm in a market, but we are not cheap. Good strategy from good partners is worth it. Just ask all the companies that started with another firm before hiring us to fix things. Ready for results? Let’s talk.



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Cathy Landtroop

Director of World Change

Ever met that person who takes time to smell the roses? Is content to go with the flow, doesn’t make any waves, and is generally risk averse and politically correct? Yeah… that’s not Cathy. Recently referred to in an Austin paper as a ‘PR whiz’ and ‘highly assertive (political) force’ this free-market capitalist believes sleep is overrated and knows that playing it safe doesn’t change the world.

Austin Taylor

Chief Business Officer

A mysterious man of many titles, Austin is best described as the ‘Human Swiss Army Knife” because of his stealth tactics, ability to adapt, stand up to any challenge, and fix anything – all the while remaining perfectly cool. A serial entrepreneur with a voracious appetite for matrix-style downloadable learning, this gladiator has a servant’s heart and uses his talents for good and not evil. That said, deft with a multitude of weapons, we suggest you keep our ‘in house Jack Bauer’ on your side.

Amanda Kuhn

Chief Strategic Officer

Work hard – travel harder is the motto of our proud Air Force brat who lived in 5 continents before she graduated high school. An adventure addict, Amanda is a relational genius who can adapt to any situation. Strategic thinking, puzzle solving obsession with spreadsheets meets never quit tenacity for this feisty redhead, resulting in companies going from good to great faster than Jim Collins can write 2.0. Her love for good lyrics and passionate art means we all have fun on the journey. Meet Amanda.

Matt Dufilho

Media Producer

Guru of all things TV, radio, video and motion graphics, Matt is the consumate storyteller. The man behind numerous award-winning ads and videos, including the infamous “Movember” UMC campaign, our resident stand-up comedian takes the team’s ideas, adds his own vision and creates pure magic.

Bobby Magallanes

Senior Designer

Bobby jumped into the creative game back in 1998. When 8MB of RAM and a 14.4 modem meant business. Bobby studied Computer Science at Texas Tech for a couple of years, and then realized that his passion was design… not numbers. Strategic web designer for Landtroop Strategies, Bobby uses his experience to take a creative brief and make clients like American Airlines and Cici’s Pizza happy - rest assured, he’s got you.

Brian Magallanes

Senior Designer

Contrary to the urban myths, Brian never shot a man in Reno just for overusing Helvetica. And the “Big Boots, Big Business” canvas that he has hanging over his desk means he’s just as much meditative over design as he is Texan. Deft with photography, design and web development, catch Brian on a good day and he may just buy you lunch. Meet Brian.

Dillan Cullifer

Media Production

When Dillan sailed into the office for the first time, we didn’t call him back. We didn’t answer his email or return his call. Truthfully, we do our best to chase off anyone who thinks they have what it takes to be a gladiator. Because the truth is they don’t. But when this hungry rockstar reached out to us for the 5th time – we took him seriously. He started that afternoon, helped pull off a major event within the week and went from intern to putting the “PRO” in production in a few short years. Meet Dillan.

Haley Grizzaffi

Digital Disrupter

Cutting her teeth in traditional media, she learned all of Cathy’s secrets and put them to work. Our 'lady of the digital realm's' gut instincts are great, but her strategic research and data -driven buys keep clients addicted. Meet Haley.

Hannah Roye


Born with a paint brush in her hand, Hannah is anything but a starving artist. A sucker for clean designs that have layers of meaning, she can design and advocate for brands with a vengeance. Diligently sketching things out by hand first, then translating it to digital, her pursuit of excellence leaves average millennials in the dust. An outdoor enthusiast and self-diagnosed perfectionist, don’t let her size intimidate you. She may be 5′ even with her boots on, but she’s a gentle giant of a lady. Meet Hannah.

Shanda Hasse

The Campaigner

Going to battle for all things aesthetic and strategic, this warrior is determined to make your brand soar above the noise. With an extensive background in marketing and graphic design, she has been at the drawing board since 2005. Designing both our original and current logos, we clearly have trusted her from the beginning. If not in the office, you might check Israel – Shanda loves a good adventure. Meet Shanda.

Haley Sumruld

Guardian of the Books

If numbers, spreadsheets and details matter, you want Haley at the table. Friendly and eager to please, she steps up to any challenge hungry to make her mark. Meet Haley.


Chief Happiness Officer

If gladiators rarely sleep, we question knighting this one just yet. What he lacks in alertness, he makes up for in joy. Vivaciously greeting each gladiator, postman and clients daily as if it’s the first time he’s met them - if Yogi doesn’t make you smile, we question your humanity. Don’t look too deeply into his eyes - you may just question his.







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